The idea to merge the long-time experience in issues concerning the storage and transport of cargoes with the one in the bureaucratic and technical management of a claim procedure gave birth to JANUA Cargo Surveys & Claims Management.

JANUA provides its Clients with special, dedicated assistance in order to prevent, handle and mitigate the losses arising from an average.



JANUA is an independent Surveyors Company boasting a wide knowledge on all issues related to the storage and transport of any kind of commodities, with a specific experience on the perishable ones, and particularly:

• Fresh tropical and sub-tropical fruits
• Fresh Vegetables and roots
• Refrigerated, frozen, quick frozen and differently preserved meat and seafood
• Cereals, seeds and by-products
(wheat, soybean, corn, barley, meals, flours, etc.)
• Spices and other colonials
(coffee, cocoa, sugar, etc.)
• Vegetable oils
• Timber
• Chemical and pharmaceutical products
• Steel (coils, sheets, bars, etc.)
• Marble and stone


Thanks to the long-time field experience and to the worldwide partnership with Professionals, we are able to assist our Clients in all phases of a claim.
We provide services of:



Through our partnership with a worldwide network of Marine and Cargo Surveyors, JANUA is also able to provide the following services:

• Technical consulting on stowage, lashing and securing of heavy loads such as machineries, yachts, etc.
• Sealing/unsealing certifications
• Vessels’ draft, on/off-hire, condition and bunker surveys
• Quality controls
• Cargo sampling
• Technical and legal consulting on food health matters

We are 24/7 available to attend worldwide, with specific experience within European and the Mediterranean area.


FRANCESCO FRISONI - Cargo Surveyor Director

Graduated in Environmental Sciences on 2002, after working for two years as Technical Consultant (Environmental health, H.A.C.C.P., Quality Assurance, in 2004 he joined one of the most prestigious Studios of Surveys and technical consulting, where he started working as Cargo Surveyor on fresh fruit and perishable cargoes.
After 8 years of field experience, during which he handled claims in many European and Mediterranean Countries (among which Algeria, France, Germany, Italy, Libya, Montenegro, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey and Ukraine), on 2012 he founded JANUA Cargo Surveys & Claims Management.
Francesco Frisoni is registered Surveyor at the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa and A.I.Per.T. member (Italian Association Transport Surveyors).

FEDERICA USAI - Claims Specialist

Graduated in Environmental Sciences at the University of Genoa on 2002, after working as a Technical Consultant in the Agricultural sector and in the management of European Funding for Agriculture, she started working in the insurance / industrial sector, dealing with claims, following all the steps, from the request for compensation to the treatment of the damage, gaining a complete experience in the claim handling. Since 2015 she joined Janua Cargo Surveys and Claims Management.


The headquarter of JANUA Cargo Surveys & Claims Management is based in Genoa (Italy).  From here we are able to attend everywhere in the world within 24 hrs

Through our network of highly qualified Correspondents we can provide our assistance immediately in the following Countries: 

• Ancona
• Bari
• Cagliari
• Catania
• Civitavecchia
• Genova
• Gioia Tauro
• La Spezia
• Livorno
• Napoli
• Olbia
• Ravenna
• Venezia
• Trieste
• Vado Ligure

• Albania
• Algeria
• Arabia Saudita
• Austria
• Austria
• Azerbaijan
• Belgio
• Cina
• Costa Rica
• Croazia
• Ecuador
• Emirati Arabi Uniti
• Francia 

• Polonia
• Portogallo 
• Georgia
• Germania
• Gran Bretagna
• Hong Kong
• Kenya
• Kuwait
• Iran
• Libano
• Messico
• Montenegro
• Norvegia
• Paesi Bassi

• Repubblica Ceca
• Romania
• Russia
• Serbia
• Slovacchia
• Slovenia
• Siria
• Spagna
• Svezia
• Svizzera
• Tunisia
• Turchia
• Ucraina
• Ungheria


JANUA is provided with a wide scientific library and with high-end technical equipment, constantly updated, in order to supply anytime our Customers with complete, accurate and reliable information:

• High precision centesimal digital thermometer - (Pt-100 probe)
• High precision digital scale
• Fruit testers (penetrometer, digital refractometer)
• Specific fruit calipers
• Temperature Logger Readers (TempTale, LogTag, DeltaTRAK, i-button, etc.)
• YORK LogMan II (Handheld PC with cables to "download" all Reefer Containers)
• KITAGAWA Portable multi-gas analyzer with colorimetric tubes
• Infrared camera
• Hygrometer for cereals and seeds


Administrative Office
Via dei Mille, 23/1
16147 Genova (ITALY)

Head Office
Via Caffaro, 32A/11
16124 Genova (ITALY)


Tel. +39 0102366712
Mobile: +39 340 2268332

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